Naplex e-Book

2020 - 2021 Naplex E-Book

Prepare for NAPLEX, Success On Your First Attempt

If you want to get the NAPLEX marks you deserve without worrying about whether your NAPLEX scores are “good enough” and want to win the exam game, this may be the most critical information you’ve read this year. We offer a comprehensive NAPLEX guide written by our experts and the concepts you need to know for NAPLEX to take advantage of this.

An independent study by the National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP) on the North American Pharmacist Licensing Examination (NAPLEX) identified specific content areas and necessary skills that are critical to understanding NAPLEX. We’ve developed a guide to making sure you’re always aware of NAPLEX and that it works.

Why Choose Us?

At RX-EXAM, we have a group of standardized researchers who are committed to developing the NAPLEX guide. The standards for teamwork are stringent. We provide our customers with the best products, and only those that meet strict requirements can be advertised.
Our dedicated researchers have years of extensive experience and have acquired the content and skills necessary to pass the rigorous exam. We believe we have found the exam key successfully. The results we found were surprising, and, when explained to the average candidate, it was sometimes straightforward. The survey results were compiled into a concise questionnaire guide. We believe that candidates of all skill levels can significantly improve their performance with little effort.

  • It covers updated NAPLEX Competency Reports!
  • New IV Profile on Pharmaceutical Compounding Sterile and Non-Sterile Preparation
  • Over 35 patient-profile related queries, more than 3000 questions, provide a complete practice for the NAPLEX examination.
  • Simplified information on recent available drugs.
  • A brief examination of over-the-counter & I.V. medications in case-study format.
  • Comprehensive exercise on how to understand & answer the patient’s profile in the examination.
  • Product and common names of medications, more than 3000 drugs, are highly utilized in the U.S.

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